Test Automation

FiberZone's AFM solution allows sharing of high-cost equipment among multiple disparate development and testing groups. Different groups may perform interoperability, compatibility and disaster recovery testing while using FiberZone's AFM to remotely configure the test environment, and may share equipment resources on-demand or based on time-of-day scheduling, to reduce capital cost requirements.

Testing of storage, computing and networking equipment requires high level of automation, and FiberZone's AFM streamlines testing cycles to increase productivity, and allows offshoring of testing staff to reduce operating costs. 
AFM Benefits for Test Automation and Equipment Sharing 

  • Non-blocking switching independent of protocol type and bit-rate, so Ethernet, Fibre-Channel (FC), iSCSI and FCoE are all supported natively in all bit-rates, including 40G and 100G, and no blade or backplane upgrades are required
  • Support for any fiber type - single mode (SMF) or multimode (MMF) and can be ordered with any standard connector type - LC, SC, E2000 or other
  • Superb optical performance, with minimal insertion loss and latency